Stanley Solis F500 Edge Multi-Fuel Stove


The Stanley Solis F500 Edge is a multi-fuel stove which can operate on coal, wood, peat briquettes or smokeless fuels. Tested & approved to European standard - EN 13229. Optional extras include log store, and an external air supply kit.

Stanley Solis F500 Edge Multi-Fuel Stove

Dovre Sense 203 Wood Burning Stove


With a compact body and subtle curving details, the Dovre Sense 203 Wood Burning Stove is a sensational new addition to the growing collection of Dovre’s contemporary cast iron stoves. Mounted on an integral log box, this highly efficient wood burning stove also features stunning glass side panels to emphasise the exceptional swirling flames produced by Dovre’s very latest Cleanburn system.

Box mounted Dovre Sense 203 with side windows in Matt Black mi

Dovre 250 Multi Fuel Stove - Matt Black


The Dovre 250 Multi Fuel Stove has a traditional design to suit a huge range of applications from a cottage kitchen to a modern town house living room. Made from premium-grade cast iron, this traditional multifuel stove is approved for use in smoke control areas. The Dovre 250 Stove has a large glass door panel and ornately cast side panels, both adding to the visual appeal. 

SKU: Dovre MF250

Stanley Reginald Eco Multi-Fuel Boiler Stove - Matt Black


The Stanley Reginald Multi-Fuel Boiler Stove - Matt Black will burn smokeless fuel, dry wood, coal, anthracite and seasoned peat briquettes and comes with a maximum 5kW heat output to the room and maximum 10.5kW boiler output. also will do .5kw output to and 14kw with inner bricks removed with a total 19.5kw max output 


SKU: Reginald Multi-Fuel Boiler Stove

Stanley Erin Multi-Fuel Boiler Stove - Matt Black ECO


The Stanley Erin Eco Boiler Stove heats up to 6 radiators with inner bricks fitted / 9 radiators with inner bricks removed which will provide a plentiful source of hot water to your home. The Erin ENSFHBECO features a thermostatic (water temperature) control as well as clean burn technology with primary and secondary air intakes for optimum control.

Stanley Erin Multi-Fuel Boiler Stove - Matt Black
Stanley Erin ENSFHBECO Boiler StoveStanley ENSFHBECO Stove

Stanley Ardmore Multi-Fuel Eco Stove - Cream


The Stanley Ardmore Solid Fuel Stovein cream provides a maximum of 9kW of heat output to the room and has a large viewing window and high chromium grates.

Stanley Ardmore Multi-Fuel Eco Stove - Cream
Stanley Ardmore ARSFNBECCR Stove

Stovax Stockton 5 Multi-Fuel Stove eco stove


The Stovax Stockton 5 Ecodesign Plus stove offers you a mid-sized stove that is larger than the Stockton 3 or Stockton 4, and is available as either a wood burning stove or as a multi-fuel model with external riddling. The additional width allows you to load up to 13″ (330mm) in length.

SKU: Stockton 5
Stockton 5 Wood Burning G120
Stockton 5 woodburning with Limestone Claremont Mantel C107 copyStockton 5 DIMS 1Stockton 5 DIMS 1 0

Stovax Huntington 30 Multi-Fuel Stove eco stove tracery door


The Ecodesign Stovax Huntingdon 30 wood burning and multi-fuel stove combines traditional cast iron styling with a state-of-the-art convector combustion system that lowers distance to combustibles. Available as both a dedicated wood burner and multi-fuel stove, both feature a wide viewing window for superb flame views. The multi-fuel model features an innovative closeable riddling grate, perfect for those occasions where you’d prefer to burn logs.

SKU: 701-496
Huntingdon 30 Multi Fuel Tracery Door with handle removed shown with Claremont Mantel in Antique White Marble lb
Huntingdon 30 Multi Fuel With Tracery Door 0Huntingdon 30 Multi Fuel Tracery Door With Handle Removed 0

Stovax Huntingdon 25 Multi-Fuel Stove (display model only)


The smallest stove in the Huntingdon range, the Stovax Huntingdon 25 Multi-Fuel Stove provides virtually all the features of larger models and is specially designed to suit everything from a country cottage to a modern townhouse.

It is ideal for burning logs yet is equally proficient with smokeless fuels or peat briquettes.  Available in three colours: matt black, enamel blue and enamel green, this multi-fuel stove also comes with a choice of tracery or clear.door in the matt black model only.

SKU: 7059
Stovax Huntington 25 Multi-Fuel Stove

Schiedel SG 3 Wood Burning Stove


The Schiedel SG3 Wood Burning Stove comes complete with a flue system suitable for your home. Please note that the stove and chimney come as a package only. 

This wood stove can achieve up to 81% energy efficiency – delivering more heat with less wood and is far more likely to heat larger rooms more efficiently than traditional radiators.

The SG3 Stove fits perfectly in new and existing homes with lower heating needs. With a high-efficiency rating and the lowest possible emissions, the SG3 woodburning stoves are future-proof and will last for many years to come.

SKU: Schiedel SG3
Schiedel SG3 Wood Burning Stove.jpg
Schiedel SG3 Log Burner


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