Steam Ovens

Steam cook your meals like a professional chef the Sous Vide way. Our huge selection of Steam Ovens will give you perfect results every time. Until recently the method of cooking in a dedicated Steam Oven was the domain of the very best chefs throughout the world. Some major kitchen appliance companies have now made it possible for you to adopt the Sous Vide method at home. Sous Vide involves sealing your food inside a vacuum bag and steaming in the oven. The result is perfectly tender meats and fish which are evenly cooked throughout. Dalzells retail a range of combination Steam Ovens to cook your food the conventional way or give you the option to hone your culinary skills the Sous Vide way. Browse online or visit us in store to see our range of combination Steam Ovens with the very best deals available in N.I. and the Republic of Ireland. Choose your combination Steam Oven from specialist manufacturers such as Electrolux, Miele, Neff, Bosch, Siemens and Hotpoint.      

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