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Dalzells TV & Audio Deals

Dalzells of Markethill retails the biggest selection of TV & Audio systems with the best deals available in N.Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Shop online or visit our store to see our huge selection of LED and OLED TVs, sound bars, digital radios and so much more all from leading brands such as Sony, Samsung and LG.  

TV & Audio with the biggest deals from Dalzells

The quality of home entertainment system you own means the difference between simply watching a movie or fully experiencing it in the way the director intended. Dalzells of Markethill retails over 8,000 home appliances online and over 700 on display in our store. Included is our huge selection of TV & Audio equipment such as LED and OLED TV’s which are so sleek and minimalist in design they look spectacular, even when switched off. We retail flat screen TV’s at just the right size for your home ranging from under 32’’ to full cinema style TV’s over 75’’. Then there’s the sound. Movie soundtracks make the film. Hum two notes for example, and you’ve just conjured up the most famous shark in movie history. Most TV’s supply excellent in-built speakers and are perfectly adequate for a smaller room however, if you have a larger room and want the fully immersive movie experience you may want to invest in a home cinema surround sound system or simply a sound bar which sits in front of your TV but delivers an almost 3D like sound effect. Apart from the best deals on LED & OLED TV’s, home cinema systems and sound bars from top brands such as Sony, LG, Samsung. Dalzells retails a range of digital radios with perfect sound clarity. If it’s home entertainment you’re after then come to Dalzells of Markethill for the biggest deals around.

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Choose from Dalzell’s huge range 4K LED / QLED / OLED Smart Televisions for vivid colour and unrivalled picture clarity.
Sound Bars
Enhance your existing TV speakers with a soundbar which sits discretely in front of your TV yet delivers extraordinary audio clarity.
Blu-Ray Players
Not only suitable for playing HD Blu-Ray discs, by upscaling to a Blu-Ray player you’ll also make the best of your existing DVD collection.