Tabletop Fridges

When you don’t have a big food shop or eat out often you don’t need a big fridge. A Tabletop Fridge may be the perfect solution. Cheap and economical to run and with an average capacity to hold up to around two shopping bags of food and in-doors storage for bottles and dairy products Tabletop Fridges are the ideal choice for those with modest needs and limited space as they can be positioned almost anywhere in your kitchen or utility room.

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The Lec DF48B comes in a black finish. 
Lec DF48B Table Top Drinks Fridge
Lec Retailer Belfast Northern Ireland and Dublin Ireland
Energy Efficiency:
(H) 492 mm x (W) 480 mm x (L) 440 mm
Fridge Capacity:
The Liebherr ZKes453 features: SmartSteel significantly reduces the visibility of finger marks and is very easy to clean. Using the precision electronic control system, the temperature can be set...
Liebherr ZKes453 Humidor Cabinet
Warranty - 2 year
Liebherr Retailer Belfast Northern Ireland and Dublin Ireland
(H) 612 mm x (W) 425 mm x (L) 478 mm