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Solid Fuel Stoves can burn wood, coal and other smokeless fuels giving you the luxury and warmth of a traditional open fire but with up to four times more efficiency. Shop online with Dalzells or visit our retail store for the biggest deals on Solid Fuel Stoves from one of the select few HETAS approved retailers in Northern Ireland. 

The beauty of having a Solid Fuel Stove is that it can burn wood, coal and other smokeless fuels. Choose the right one for your home from Dalzells of Markethill. We retail the biggest selection of Solid Fuel Stoves in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland all with the best deals available. Solid Fuel Stoves come in a variety of different types depending on what you want from them. For example you can choose a freestanding Multi-Fuel Stove as a focal point in your room. Or, you may select a Solid Fuel Back Boiler Stove which not only looks beautiful but can give you piping hot water whenever you need it. We also retail Inset Stoves which can be installed within a currently unloved and neglected fireplace or if you want to heat two adjoining rooms at the same time why not opt for a Double Sided Stove? Then we have the Double Depth Solid Fuel Stove which has a larger surface area for heating a bigger room and finally the Cassette Solid Fuel Stove which fits flush within a wall to give a modern, contemporary look.

To choose the right Solid Fuel Stove for your home we would advise you to browse our website for some inspiration then visit our retail store where you can discuss your needs with one of our HETAS approved consultants. Dalzells retails Solid Fuel Stoves from specialist manufacturers such as Stovax, Henley, Dimplex, Stanley and Dovre.

Multi-fuel Stoves Retailer N.I. and ROI
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Cassette Stoves
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