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Whether you're installing a new kitchen, moving home, embarking on a self-build project, or simply upgrading your appliances, we've got you covered with our discounted package deals. Enjoy the convenience of sourcing all your products from a single retailer at a fantastic price! *

* Package deals apply to purchases of 4 or more appliances, including Kitchen Appliances, TVs, Stoves, and Fires.

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What do I need to do?

Browse our website and click 'Add to Package Deals' for any kitchen appliances* (includes TVs, Stoves, and Fires) you're interested in.

After building your package deals list, click the 'Package Deals' button at the top of every page to view your list.

Either call our team of experts at

NI / UK 028 3755 1260

ROI 048 3755 1260

or fill in your details and click 'Submit Package Deals'. We'll respond with a package deal as soon as possible.

* Please note that Euronics Products cannot be included in Package Deals.

Not Ready to Purchase Right Now?

If you're not ready to take delivery, don't worry we can secure the deal with a small deposit and hold on to your goods in our warehouse until you are ready.