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Dalzells retail the largest choice of Floorcare Appliances in N.I. and the Republic of Ireland. Browse online or visit our retail store and see our huge range of Floorcare Appliances including Vacuum Cleaners and Steam Cleaners all with the very best deals available. Specialist manufacturers include Dyson, Miele, Shark and Bosch.

As anyone with a young family will tell you keeping floors clean and germ free is pretty much a full time job. The outdoors often ends up indoors and on top of this dust mites which are found in carpets and certain floor coverings can cause allergies. The type of flooring you choose can certainly reduce the presence of dust mites however, you also need an efficient Floorcare Appliance to keep your home spic and span. Dalzells of Markethill retail the largest range of Floorcare Appliances in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland all with the best deals available. Either look online or visit our retail store where we can advise you of the best Floorcare Appliance for your needs.

Floorcare Appliances include Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners, Upright Vacuum Cleaners and Hand Held Vacuum Cleaners such as the Dyson DC58 which can remove pet hairs and ground in dirt from carpet pile and, according to Dyson, is three times more powerful than any other Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. Most of the Vacuum Cleaners we stock come with a HEPA Filtration System which is a Government approved standard for Vacuum Cleaners which remove 99.97% of dust particles of the density which can cause discomfort to those with asthma and other certain allergies. Steam Cleaners or Steam Mops offer a quick and easy way to clean most floor surfaces without detergents which is cheaper for you and kinder to the environment. Dalzells stock a huge retail selection of Floorcare Appliances from manufacturers such as Dyson, Nilfisk, Bosch, Miele, Henry, Panasonic and Electrolux.                 

Vacuum Cleaners
See our selection of Cylinder, Upright and Handheld Vacuum Cleaners to keep your carpets and other flooring clean and dust free.
Get rid of dirt, dust and stubborn grime from your floor tiles, linoleum and hardwood flooring with our selection of Steam Cleaners.