Compact Tumble Dryers

A Compact Tumble Dryer is the perfect laundry appliance if you have a smaller wash load or are limited for space. Basically if you have less than 60cm width to store your appliance then you will need a Compact Tumble Dryer. The beauty of a Compact Tumble dryer is that can be hung on a wall to save even more space in your utility room. They come in a range of load capacities but 4kg is a typical size. You can also choose from both Vented and Condenser models but whatever type you choose your wash day will be so much easier, whatever the weather.

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The Hotpoint V4D01P comes with a C energy rating and features quick cleaning technology which is a smaller and lighter condenser filter that can be cleaned easier and quicker than before.
Hotpoint V4D01P Tumble Dryer
Hotpoint Retailer Belfast Northern Ireland and Dublin Ireland
Energy Efficiency:
(H) 670 mm x (W) 490 mm x (L) 480 mm
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