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Dalzells retail the largest choice of Range Cookers in N.I. and the Republic of Ireland with over 50 on display in store and almost 1,000 in-stock all with the very best deals available. Choose from our huge selection of Range Cookers from specialist manufacturers including Rangemaster, AGA, Falcon, Britannia, Lacanche, Stoves and Belling. There's also Free Delivery across Northern Ireland and Counties Dublin, Meath, Louth and Monaghan with daily runs to Belfast and Dublin City.

Come and see the huge selection of more than 50 Range Cookers in-store at Dalzells where we have the best deals available in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We also warehouse almost 1,000 Ranges for immedaite Free Delivery with daily drops in Belfast and Dublin city! A Range Cooker is the ultimate kitchen appliance for professional and amateur chefs alike. Traditionally associated with large country manor houses the Range Cooker is now the choice for many whether they live in the countryside or townhouses and apartments. Not just a means of preparing dinner a Range Cooker is a work of art – a centrepiece for your kitchen whether your style is Bohemian shabby chic or modern and contemporary. But why has the Range Cooker become so popular in recent years?

Putting the aesthetics aside a Range Cooker has everything you will need to cater for any household size whether you have a large family or you love to entertain large numbers of family and friends on big occasions such as Christmas Day. A typical 5 burner Range Cooker (some go up to 8 burners) will have some or all of the following features – ‘A’ energy rating for fuel efficiency, easy clean, large capacity grill, wok burner for evenly distributed heat when stir frying, stovetop griddle, 2 ovens - one of which is fan-assisted which means you can roast your meat in one and have all your veg trays cooking in another. This is particularly useful if you have friends or family members who are vegetarian and would prefer to have their meals cooked separately. Most Range Cookers are powered by dual fuel, natural gas or electricity. They can also come with a Ceramic Hob for controllability and easy cleaning or an Induction Hob which only works when in contact with your pot base and cools down quickly after the pot is removed.

Range Cookers come in a variety of sizes from compact 60cm up to 120cm wide and Dalzells will have the perfect one for you. Take a look online at our huge retail selection or come and visit our retail store where we can discuss the ideal model for your cooking needs with the very best deals available in N.I and the Republic of Ireland.  We stock a huge retail selection from specialist Range Cooker manufacturers including Rangemaster, AGA, Belling, Stoves, Smeg, Falcon, Mercury, Fisher & Paykel, Leisure and Lacanche.  

Ceramic Range Cookers
All the benefits of a Range Cooker with the added bonus of an easy to clean ceramic surface for complete cooking controllability.
Dual Fuel Range Cookers
A Duel Fuel Range Cooker gives you the best of both worlds – A gas hob for speed and electric, fan-assisted oven for roasting and baking.
Induction Range Cookers
All the benefits of a Range Cooker with the added bonus of an Induction Hob which operates only when a pot is placed on it.
Gas Range Cookers
Range Cookers in which the hob and ovens are totally fuelled by gas. Dalzells retail both natural gas and LPG gas models.