Waterford Stanley Supreme Deluxe SUP110EICRM 110CM Induction Range Cooker - Cream

 Stanley Supreme DX 110 Induction Cream
  •  Stanley Supreme DX 110 Induction Cream
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Waterford Stanley Supreme Deluxe SUP110EICRM 110CM Induction Range Cooker - Cream

Model Number : SUP110EICRM


Dimensions 925 mm x 1100 mm x 610 mm
Main Oven Type: Multifunction Oven
Main Oven Capacity: 79 litres
Hob Type:
Number of Burners/Zones:

Product Summary

The Waterford Stanley Supreme Deluxe is a 110cm induction range cookers with 4 cavities including slow cooker, grill, multifunction oven and fan oven and all with an A energy rating. Coming in a stylish Cream finish this appliance will look amazing in any kitchen. The induction version also has an Induction Griddle and Meat Probe included.

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Benefiting from Waterford's​ 5 year part warranty and 1 year labour Waterford Stanley are confident in the longevity of their product. Featuring 4 separate cavities the SUP110EICRM will have space enough a large party. With a telescopic pull out grill in the top left, a 79L multifunction oven in the bottom left, a 79L fan oven on the bottom right, and lastly a slow cooker in the top right cavity. The SUP110EICRM uses the safest and fastest type of hobs on the market, induction technology. This uses electromagnetism, hence the induction technology heats only the pan and its contents rather than the hob itself, meaning up to 90% efficiency giving it an A energy rating saving you money on your bills. This also means that you never have to worry about being burnt or damaging the surface by residue landing on the surface and staining. Though over long periods the induction hob may become hot due to the pans on top, the SUP110EICRM has a hot hob indictor so you are aware if there is any residual heat

Specific Details

Number of Cavities: 4
Number of Ovens: 2
Flame Safety Device: Yes
Grill Type: Electric Grill
Cavity 1: Electric Grill
Cavity 2: Multifunction
Cavity 3: Slow Cooker
Cavity 4: Fan Oven
Flexible Shelf Positioning:
Adjustable Shelves: Yes
Towel Rail:
Interior Lights: Yes
Hob Type:
Number of Burners/Zones: 5
Ignition Type:
Wood Burner: Yes
Number of Power Levels: 5
Defrost: Yes
Additional Info:
  • Fast and Reponsive: 
    Can take only 5 seconds for water to star boiling
  • Safe: 
    No naked flames and only the pan and its contents are heated
  • Easy to Clean: 
    Simply wipe away the surface
  • Energy Efficent: 
    Up to 90% efficiency


Energy Efficiency




Fuel Type:


Requires Electrically Trained Engineer To Hardwire:

Unique Features

  • Multifunction oven functions: 
    Fan oven, Conventional oven, Fan-assisted oven, Base heat, Fanned grilling,
  • Multifunction oven functions: 
    Browning element, Defrost and Rapid Response functionality
  • Boost Function: 
    Enables extra power to the hobs
  • Slow Cooker Cavity: 
    Perfect for roasts