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Hoover H3WPS4106TM6 10kg Washing Machine


The Hoover H3WPS4106TM6 Washing Machine features a generous 10kg load capacity, 16 programmes and 1400 spin speed.  The H3WPS4106TM6 also benefits from an All-in-One programme, Steam Function and Multiple Quick Wash cycles.

Hoover H3WPS4106TM6 10kg Washing Machine
Hoover H3WPS4106TM6 Washing MachineHoover H3WPS4106TM6

Beko B5W51041AW Washing Machine


The Beko B5W51041AW Washing Machine AquaTech® technology uses water power to replace vigorous drum movements, resulting in a quicker, more gentle wash. The Beko B5W51041AW also features an innovative steam setting to help reduce creases in your laundry and save on ironing. Perfect for busy families, this large capacity 10kg washing machine can wash a full load in just 28 minutes.

SKU: B5W51041AW
Beko B5W51041AW Washing Machine
Beko B5W51041AW WasherBeko B5W51041AWB5W51041AW Washing Machine

Hotpoint H8 W046SB UK Washing Machine - Silver


Long lasting performance, maximum cleaning results and a catalogue of cleaning capabilities to cater for your laundry needs, the Hotpoint H8 W046SB UK Washing machine boasts a generous 10kg capacity for even the biggest laundry challenges, an A class energy rating and an authentic design built to last.

SKU: 859991624780
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Indesit BWE101685XWUKN Washing Machine


The Indesit BWE101685XWUKN Washing Machine boasts a large 10kg drum capacity, 1600 rpm and an impressive A+++ energy rating that helps save money on your bills. The Indesit Innex BWE101685XWUKN comes in a white finish and features Indesit's Push & Wash programme for brilliant cleaning and stain removal in 45 minutes. 

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Hotpoint NSWM1045CGGUKN Graphite 10kg Freestanding Washing Machine


Treat your clothes to the care they deserve with the 10kg 1400 spin The Hotpoint NSWM 1043C GG UK N Washing Machine, designed to protect your clothes against stubborn stains alongside cycles that are high performing. The Steam Hygiene cycle provides the ultimate care and protection for a totally hygienic wash. Steam hygiene injects steam directly into the drum at the end of the cycle, removing up to 99.9% of the most common bacteria without the use of chemical additives.

SKU: 869991652550

Hoover HWB410AMC 10kg Washing Machine


The Hoover HWB410AMC 10kg Washing Machine features a 10kg load capacity and 1400 rpm spin speed. It comes with a full load in 59 minutes programme, Active Care Technology for improved washing quality and an Eco Power Motor, up to 60% more efficient than an AC Motor.

Hoover HWB510AMC 10kg Washing Machine

Hoover H3W4105TE 10kg Washing Machine


The Hoover H3W4105TE Washing Machine features a 10kg load capacity and 1400 rpm spin speed. It comes with 14/30/44 minute quick wash cycles and is NFC Connected, using One Touch and the Hoover Wizard App. The H3W4105TE Washing Machine also benefits from three stain level options.

SKU: H3W4105TE
Hoover H3W4105TE 10kg Washing Machine
Hoover H3W4105TE

Beko WTL104151W Washing Machine


The Beko WTL104151W Washing Machine features a quick programme, a 10kg wash load in just 28 minutes, and also benefits from Beko’s RecycledTub™, which uses recycled plastic bottles in its tub, being kinder to the planet without compromising on performance and durability.

SKU: WTL104151W
Beko WTL104151W Washing Machine
Beko WTL104151W

Hotpoint NSWM1045CWUKN Washing Machine


The Hotpoint NSWM1045CWUKN Washing Machine features a large 10kg capacity, a resource-efficient 1400 revolutions and comes in white. The Hotpoint NSWM1045CWUKN also comes with Steam Hygiene, Anti-Stain cycle, Digital Display, Anti-Allergy, Woolmark, Inverter Motor and Rapid functions. 

Hotpoint NSWM1043CWUKN Washing Machine
Hotpoint NSWM1043CWUKN


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