Hotpoint NSWE745CWSUK Washing Machine


The Hotpoint NSWE745CWSUK Washing Machine comes with a 7kg load capacity, 16 different programmes and an Anti-Allergy cycle. This freestanding washing machine also benefits from a Steam Hygiene option that removes 99.9% of bacteria. The NSWE745CWSUK also comes with a handy 45-minute quick wash for when you're in a rush. 

Hotpoint NSWE745CWSUK Washing Machine

Bosch WKD28543GB Built-in Washer Dryer


The Bosch WKD28543GB Built-in Washer Dryer has a 7kg wash and 4kg drying capacity. It has a 1400 Spin Speed and features AutoDry, Sportswear and Quick Was. The WKD28543GB  also benefits from a super quick wash cycle, which washes up to 2 kg of laundry in just 15 minutes. 


Hotpoint RDGE9643WUKN 9kg Spin Wash 6kg Dry Washer Dryer


The Hotpoint RDGE9643WUKN Washer Dryer features a large 9kg wash load capacity and 1400rpm spin speed, as well as a 6kg dry load capacity. It has 16 programmes, including Anti-Stain, Eco, Delicates, Wool, and Shirts.

Hotpoint RDGE9643WUKN Washer Dryer
Hotpoint RDGE9643WUKN White Washer DryerHotpoint RDGE9643WUKN Washer Dryer BelfastHotpoint RDGE9643WUKN Freestanding Washer Dryer

Hotpoint NSWE965CWSUKN 9kg Washing Machine


The Hotpoint NSWE965CWSUKN Washing Machine is perfect for the busy family. It features a large 9kg load capacity and 1600rpm spin speed. This freestanding washing machine from Hotpoint also benefits from a stain removal cycle, a steam hygiene cycle and a Full Load wash in 45. The NSWE965CWSUKN has 16 programmes. 

Hotpoint NSWE965CWSUKN  White Washing Machine
Hotpoint NSWE965CWSUKN Washing MachineHotpoint NSWE965CWSUKN 9kg Washing MachineHotpoint NSWE965CWSUKN Freestanding Washing Machine

Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK Washing Machine - White


Achieve impeccable cleaning with maximum energy and water efficiency. The Hotpoint H8 W946WB UK 9kg washing machine boasts an authentic design and a large drum capacity. GentlePower technology delivers a high standard of cleaning performance whilst saving 65% energy and 59% of water*.

SKU: 859991624760
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Hotpoint H8 W946SB UK Washing Machine - Silver


Discover cleaning solutions which make a powerful difference to your laundry with a wealth of capabilities to suit your needs, the Hotpoint H8 W946SB UK Washing machine boasts an authentic design and an 9kg capacity and an A class energy rating.

SKU: 859991624770
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Siemens iQ700 WI14W502GB Built-In Washing Machine


The Siemens iQ700 WI14W502GB Built-In Washing Machine features speddPack L, timeLight, LED, an outdoor/waterproofing programme and comes with an iQdrive with a 10 year guarantee. 

Siemens WI14W502GB Built-In Washing Machine

Neff S189YCX02E Built-in Full Size Dishwasher


The Neff S189YCX02E is a full size, built-in dishwasher with 14 places settings and six programmes. It features Home Connect, Flex 2 Baskets, Intelligent Programme,  Zeolith® and Door Open Assist. 

Neff S189YCX02E Built-in Full Size Dishwasher

Electrolux LUT6NF18C Built-in Freezer


The Electrolux LUT6NF18C Built-in Freezer comes with a 216 litres gross capacity and features frost-free technology, a fast freeze function with automatic reset, a visible and acoustic high temperature alarm, 5 large capacity freezer drawers, transparent freezer drawers and boasts an A+ energy rating.

Electrolux LUT6NF18C Built-in Freezer

Bosch SMS6TCI00E Freestanding Dishwasher


The Bosch SMS6TCI00E is a freestanding, full-size dishwasher that features 6 programmes, 14 place settings, 5 options and comes with PerfectDry, Flex baskets, EfficientDry and VarioDrawer. 



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