Hobs Buyers Guide

The hob is used more often than any other cooking appliance so it has to be tough enough to withstand daily rigours. If you’re thinking of upgrading your hob to a newer model or even having a new one installed Dalzells have put together the following hob buyers’ guide. Take a look at the sections below and find out more. Alternatively why not visit our retail store at Markethill? We’ll give you the best advice, not to mention the best deals available in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. For hobs think Dalzells.   

What type of hob?

There are various types of hob on the market today. Here are the most popular kinds with a description to help you choose the one most suitable for you. Dalzells retail hobs from all the top household brand names such as Stoves, Siemens, Neff, Electrolux, Indesit, Miele and Rangemaster

Gas hob 

Simple and ultra-reliable the multi-ring gas hob is still one of the most popular types of hob today and the one most often used by professional chefs as it allows instant heat control by simply turning a knob. There is also a choice of ring sizes for small pots such as saucepans to bigger soup pots. If you tend to stir fry your food then you can even choose one with a wok ring.

Solid plate hobs

Solid plate hobs are the traditional electric hobs which are simple to use and are generally less expensive than many other models. They normally come with four rings but also can have more.

Ceramic hobs   

Ceramic hobs are the modern way to cook with electricity. Relatively inexpensive to buy they offer different cooking zones while being sleek and stylish. Many ceramic hobs have a digital display and dual cooking zones which means that the zone will adapt to a large or small pot thereby saving electricity. Some also have a residual heat indicator so you will know when it’s safe to touch. Once you’ve finished cooking a simple wipe down with a cloth will keep it sparkling clean.

Induction hobs

An induction hob only heats up when the pot touches the surface and delivers complete control with ultimate safety. It works using electromagnetic fields and is the modern and efficient way to cook. An induction hob is generally safer to use than any other type of hob as the only heat generated will be under the pot itself while every other part of the surface will remain cool. A flexinduction hob means that you can lay your pots in different configurations on the surface and they will all still be heated up evenly.

Domino hobs

A domino hob system allows you to add smaller hobs side by side on your work surface for complete flexibility. Choose from electric, gas, ceramic and induction domino hobs. You can also buy a wok domino hob for additional stir frying and you can even buy a teppan yaki domino hob for the complete oriental experience.

Delivery & Installation

Dalzells offer free delivery across Northern Ireland and within counties Lough, Monaghan and Dublin. See our website for full delivery information. For details on installation see our appliance connection page.