Energy Ratings Buyers Guide

When you're in the process of acquiring a new appliance, numerous choices come into play, like its dimensions, the brand, and even its color. Nonetheless, one crucial aspect demanding attention is energy efficiency. This not only contributes to a reduction in your environmental impact but can also lead to substantial cost savings.

The advent of the energy label has ushered in notable advancements in energy-saving technology. This led to virtually all newly released products receiving the highest efficiency rating. Consequently, the label has undergone recalibration to facilitate a more straightforward comparison of models when you're in the market for a new appliance.

What's the Reason Behind the Introduction of the New Energy Label?

In 2020, the UK rolled out a fresh energy label. This new label extends the spectrum of energy performance, making it simpler for you to gauge efficiency when comparing different products. Moreover, it establishes updated benchmarks for energy-efficient appliances, not only offering additional cost savings to consumers but also aligning with environmental goals outlined by both manufacturers and the government.

Energy Efficiency ratings

What's Different?

Displayed is an example of the previous label and the updated label for a fridge. The primary alterations applicable to all product categories encompass:

  • QR Code: Offering immediate access to product details.
  • New Energy Classes: Introducing a straightforward A-G energy classification system.
  • Streamlined Consumption Information: A more user-friendly approach to comprehending energy consumption measurements.

Furthermore, there are specific changes tailored to individual product categories, as these can viewed here -

For more information and FAQs - PDF

Why should I consider energy efficient appliances?

Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the initial outlay for an appliance without thinking about the ongoing running costs. However, if you spend a little more on an appliance with a higher energy rating whether it’s a washing machine, fridge freezer or dishwasher, you should save money in the long run plus do your bit to help the environment.  

What should I consider when choosing energy efficient appliances?

The short answer is you should go for the appliance with highest energy efficient rating you can afford as it will pay dividends in the long run. Aim for an A graded appliances for maximum energy savings.

Always look for an appliance with an Energy Saving Trust logo which is an added assurance that the appliance you’re looking to buy really is energy efficient. Dalzells of Markethill is an Energy saving Trust recommended retailer.

Points to consider when choosing energy efficient appliances

  • Cost vs value – We appreciate that everyone loves a bargain but instead of only thinking about the initial cost think about the savings in the long run and the value of the savings in the long run
  • Size – Make sure you have enough space to fit your new energy saving appliance before buying.
  • Energy consumption – Also check out the energy consumption information on each appliance which should be printed on it. This will help you work out your running costs.

Delivery & Installation

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