Bosch Steam Ovens

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Bosch Steam Ovens

With over 8,000 large home and kitchen appliances to choose from online and some 700+ home appliances on display at our retail store in Markethill, when you think Bosch, think Dalzell's. We've some of the best deals available in N.I. and the Republic of Ireland, so choose Dalzells when you're looking for a new Bosch steam oven.  


Bosch steam cookers and steam ovens offer the healthiest way to cook and prepare food. With the option of steaming, baking or a combination of both, Bosch steam ovens allow flavours to develop fully, nutrients and vitamins to be retained and food to keep its natural colour whilst cooking. 

Bosch steam cookers and ovens feature a host of innovative technologies to make steam cooking a reality. With DishAssist heat, temperature and time is preset for optimal cooking. EcoClean Direct reduces the cleaning of your cookers and ovens. And, thanks to pre-set automatic programmes, a large number of dishes can be prepared perfectly. 

What's more, Bosch steamers don't even need a water connection as they come with their own steam tank. which is easy to remove and top up. 

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