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Toshiba World Cup Promotions

Toshiba Regza LCD Television Northern Ireland

Are you ready fo the Football World Cup in South Africa this June?

  1. Time booked off work for those important games or…  reasonably believeable excuses!
  2. Invites sent out to your mates
  3. Lot’s of snack food, plus emergency take away menus for those games that go to extra time…
  4. Beer!
  5. Your teams flag, shirt, scarf and what ever else takes your fancy
  6. Comfy seats, hopefully you’ll not be sitting on the edge of them too much!
  7. A great big flat screen TV to watch the match???
Don’t worry if your not as the lovely people at Toshiba have come to your aid with some fantastic promotions to help you have the best World Cup imagineable this June.

Win Your Money Back – Engand Expects!

Like me you may not be an England fan… Come on Norn Iron!  What would you say though if England could win you back the money you spent on a great big flashy Toshiba Regza LCD TV?

Makes things interesting doesn’t it?

This is the deal that Toshiba have put together as the official supplier of Concumer Electronics to the England team for South Africa 2010.  All you have to do to take part is purchase any Toshiba Regza LCD before the 10th of June and register your product online at


Then all you have to do is kick back with your mates and watch all the footie action in stunning High Definition with Freeview HD on your on your brand new Toshiba Regza LCD and see if England manage to take it all the way to World Cup glory.  If they do, you’ll be celebrating more than most as you’ll be quids in with Toshiba. Now, that would be a result to remember!