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October 28th, 2010

UK’s Oldest Working Fridge Found

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How Long Will My Appliance Last For?

It’s a question we’re always asked by our customers, “How long will my new appliance last for?” Of course the truth is there’s no way of knowing for sure. Buying a quality appliance, using an appliance correctly and maintaining it as such all helps of course.

Imagine this though, you buy an Appliance in 1952, you never service it, you transport it across the globe when you move home and 58 Years later it’s still working!

That’s the brief summarisation of one Fridge and it’s owner Dorris Stogdale from Oxford. The Fridge was purchased in Malacca, Malaysia in 1952 while the family was working abroad in the tropics to keep milk fresh for their newly born son David. When the family returned to the UK some years later the Fridge came with them too. All these years later, without a single service the Fridge is still going strong!

The GE Fridge has set a new record fo the UK’s oldest Fridge, beating the previous one set earlier this year which was 56 Years old.

GE Appliances as you’ll see in our video below offered Doris a magnificent new replacement, the GE Appliances PJU25YGXFSV American Fridge Freezer absolutely Free but she declined on the grounds of the sterling service her current appliance had offered her and continued to provide.  Would you make the same decision?

GE Appliances

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Have You Got An Old Fridge?

Do you have an old Kitchen Appliance or Television which you think is a record breaker? If so tell us about it in the Comment Section below or on our Facebook Page. We might be able to reward you with something special!