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Dalzells of Markethill is the largest stockist of Blacksmith Solid-Fuel Stoves in N.I. and the Republic of Ireland all with the best deals available. Browse online then visit our retail store where our specialists can offer expert advice on the right Blacksmith Multi-Fuel Stove for you. For Blacksmith think Dalzells.


Dalzells of Markethill is Northern Ireland’s premier Blacksmith Solid-Fuel Stoves accredited dealer stocking the largest retail selection of Blacksmith Freestanding and Insert Multi-Fuel, Stoves with the best deals available. Browse online and then visit our HETAS Accredited specialists who can offer expert advice on the right Blacksmith Multi-Fuel Stove for you.

Blacksmith, based in Waterford, Ireland manufacturers a range of beautiful cast iron Freestanding and Insert Solid-Fuel Stoves which are designed using the latest technology bringing you efficiency, cost reduction and lower carbon emissions across their range.

The most compact Stove in the Blacksmith range is the Anvil which is perfect for smaller rooms. Available in both a Non-Boiler and a Boiler model which can heat a domestic hot water cylinder and in some cases up to two radiators. Each of the Stoves have names which conjures up the village Blacksmith of days gone by. Alongside the compact Anvil, the Traditional selection of Stoves includes The Bellows, The Forge, The Farrier and at the other end of the scale – The Furnace which is a mighty two-door powerhouse of a Stove which is perfect for bigger homes.

Blacksmith Stoves is also a distributor for Slovakian company, Thorma who manufactures stunning Contemporary Multi-Fuel and Wood Burning Stoves. Thorma Solid Fuel Stoves have gained a well-deserved reputation for producing economical and environmentally sustainable Appliances with a high energy efficiency and low entry cost.