Siemens Refrigerator Promotion – £200 Gourmet Food

Siemens Refrigeration Promotion – £200 Gourmet Food!

Siemens Refrigerators

The choice of Refrigeration Appliances from Siemens reflects their endless pursuit of perfection and offers solutions for everyone be they Integrated or Freestanding Fridges, Freezers or Fridge Freezers. All Siemens Appliances come with a reassuring 2 or 5 Year Warranty for added peace of mind and boast excellent Energy Efficiency across the entire range with many accredited by Energy Saving Trust.

Bosch Refrigerators are bursting with innovative approaches to storing your groceries and are dedicated to keeping these fresher for long with ingenious Food Freshness Systems which use Climatic Controlled Compartments and MultiAirflow Units for improved air circulation. This even extends to the use of Odour Filters and Anti Bacterial Coatings on interior walls in addition to Super Cool & Freeze Functions to help with the storage of newly added items.

They’ll also take care of the basics such as alerting you to an unattended open door!

Up To £200 Farmison Gourmet Food

Purchase any of the qualifying Siemens Refrigerators shown below before the 31st August 2012 in-store, online or over the phone from Dalzell’s of Markethill nad you’ll receive up to £200 in Gourmet Food Vouchers from Online Farm Produce Retailer offers one of the largest ranges of exquisite seasonal ingredients from traditional farmers, growers and artisan producers anywhere in the UK or Ireland, a wealth of delicious produce which will be delivered straight to your door to help you fill up your newly purchased Siemens Refrigerator.


Qualifying Siemens Refrigerators

The following Siemens Appliances are included in this very tasty promotion:

Freestanding Fridge Freezers: KG36NSB40 – £150, KG36NSW30 – £100, KG39FSB20 – £200, KG36NAB22G – £75, KG36NAI32 – £100, KG36NAW22G – £75, KG39NAZ32G – £100, KG49NAI32G – £100, KG30NVI20G – £75, KG30NVW20G – £75, KG34NVI20G – £75, KG39NVI30G – £100, KG39NVW30G – £100, KG36VVW30G – £100, KG36VVI30G – £100, KG39VVW30G – £100, KG36EAW40 – £150, KG39EAW40G – £150 and KG39EAI40G – £150

Built-In Fridges: CI24RP01 – £200, CI30RP01 – £200, KI25RP60 – £200, KI42FP60 – £200, KI24RA65 – £100, KI38LA65 – £100, KI24RA50GB – £75, KI18RA65 – £100, KI18RA50GB – £75, KI38RA50GB – £75, KI38LA50GB – £75, KS38RS52 – £200, KS36VAI40 – £150, KS36VAW30G – £100, KS29VVW30G – £100, KS36VVI30G – £100 and KS36VVW30G – £100

Built-In Fridge Freezers: CI36BP01 – £200, KI34NP60 – £200, KI32VA50GB – £75, KI38VA50GB – £75, KI32NA50GB – £75 and KI38VV20GB – £75,

Built Under Fridges: KU15LA60GB – £100, KU15RA51GB – £75 and KU15RA51GB £75

What To Do Now…

To view our full range of Siemens Freestanding and Built-In Kitchen Appliances and for a helpful demonstration of their many innovative features Visit Us in-store today at Dalzells, your local Siemens Retailer in Northern Ireland. We’re just a short drive away from Lurgan and Dungannon, just off the main A28 road between Armagh and Newry, what’s more it’s even just 30 minutes from Lisburn and an hour from Dublin which if you’re after several appliances (which you will be if you’re fitting a new kitchen) it’ll be well worth the drive! You can of course always Contact Us by email or place your order, ask question or get some advice by phone from us on 028 3755 1260. Whichever way you’ll receive Unbeatable Service and Free Delivery of your new Siemens Refrigerator or anything else your home may need anywhere in N.I. and Counties Monaghan, Louth & Dublin in Ireland with competitive rates across the rest of the UK and Ireland.

We Appreciate Your Business!

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