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Multi-Fuel Stoves are more popular than ever as the price of oil, gas and electricity continues to grow. Indeed, a Stove today is Cheaper Than an Oil Fill at only £299!

Operating a Stove, although simple, can though be a little daunting at the start and as such we have provided our Top Ten Tips when operating a Multi-Fuel Stove. With proper care and attention your stove will last for many many years, we hope you find this useful!

Our Top Ten Tips!

1. Before installing your new solid fuel stove, ensure your chimney/flue has been professionally inspected and that any cleaning or repair work has fully carried out.
2. Choose a stylish matching  connecting flue pipe to complement your new stoves good looks, stove flues are available in matt black and a range of enameled finishes.
3. If you are considering burning turf or wood in your new stove ensure you have a plentiful, local supply, and that it is fully dry for maximum efficiency.  Fuels with a high moisture content can result in a build up of tar in both the Stove and chimney.

Anthracite 25-50mm C.V. – 8.2kW/Kg 14,000 BTUs/lb
House Coal 25-75mm C.V. – 7.2kW/Kg 12,000 BTUs/lb
Timber (firebox size) C.V. – 5.0kW/Kg 8,600 BTUs/lb
Peat Briquettes C.V. – 4.8kW/Kg 8,300 BTUs/lb
Bog Peat C.V. – 3.4kW/Kg 6,000 BTUs/lb

4. Clean the flue-way of the stove weekly and ensure that there are no blockages.
5. When placing fresh fuel into your stoves firebox, riddle fully to remove all the ashes.  Riddling will allow for a better and cleaner burn.
6. Avoid allowing a build up of ashes in the ash pan, doing so will result in the grate burning out prematurely.
7. Allow adequate air ventilation to ensure plenty of air for combustion.
8. Try to avoid burning rubbish and household plastic.
9. Have your chimney professionally cleaned at least twice a year.
10. Observe the manufacturers clearance guidelines to combustible materials when installing your Stove.

What To Do Now…

If your shopping for a stove or you would appreciate some expert advice why not Visit Us in-store today at Dalzell’s of Markethill, your local Multi-Fuel Stoves Retailer in Northern Ireland where you can view a wide range of exclusive brands including Stanley Stoves. We’re conveniently situated on the main road between Armagh and Newry, just 1 Hour from Dublin and 45 Minutes from Belfast.  Or alternatively you can Contact Us by email and/or call us for the Best DealUnbeatable Service and Free Delivery of any new Stove or any other appliance your home may require anywhere in Northern Ireland (from Belfast and Newry to Londonderry and Enniskillen!) and Counties Louth, Monaghan & Dublin in Ireland (competitive delivery rates across the rest of the UK and Ireland).

If you wish to further examine the benefits of Multi-Fuel Stoves before contacting us you can visit our helpful Stoves Buyers Guide.

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